About Cristina Inglada

  • cristina-inglada-asesora-de-arteName: Cristina Inglada Fdez
  • Title: Art and Antiques Consultant. Work of Art Appraiser.
  • Location: Madrid Area, Spain
  • Industry: Fine Art


  • Brew description: I have over twenty years of professional experience among different sectors pertaining the world of Art and Antiques. I have developed a comprehensive advisory work adapted to the requirements of clients, studying their needs and preferences, always optimizing existing resources to achieve the best results.I have also expanded my activity like art appraiser work, especially complemented with my background as an Art conservator-restorer. Even my studies to sit a public competitive examination to the judiciary have contributed to increase my professional capabilities and knowledge in this field. In my opinion, theoretical, technical and juridical knowledge are the three main pillars of a good expertise.I like communication, transmitting ideas, as well as information sharing. I am very enthusiastic and committed to my work, and as a professional I try to help spread public awareness about it. I am very oriented towards client’s feedback and interaction and well prepared to face new professional challenges.


  • Education: 
    • CEF-Financial Estudies Center
    • Madrid School of Arts and Antiquities
    • Art History, History Degree – Universidad Complutense de Madrid
    • Painting Especialist, Escuela Superior Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales


  • Experience:
    • Work of Art Appraiser –
    • Art Consultant
    • Conferenciante
    • Restoration Studion Chief Chief


  • Skylls: Conservatión work of arts, Art insurance, Art, Contemporary Art, Art History, Appraisers, Fine Art, Teaching, Cultural Heritage, Art Appraiser, Museums, Art Consultant and Seller, Cultural Management, Art Advisory Services, Restoration, Visual Arts, Curating, Galleries, Art Education, Art Exhibitions, Museum Collections, Procedural Knowledge in Courts.


For more information visit my web site 

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